7-19 Harris Street

Architect: Bligh Voller Nield, James Taylor and Associates

Architect for Nokia building: Bligh Voller Nield, James Taylor and Associates. Commercial redevelopment and new 6 storey Nokia building. Site of CSR engineers’ and shipping stores.

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Engineering Stores

1880 - 1950

Engineers’ store Shipping stores and locked gate to Bowman Street Engineers’ store and shipping stores

CSR’s Harris Street frontage, from the wharf to Bowman Street, provided essential but mundane functions. The northern section, next to the high pressure boiler station (now the Elizabeth) and close to the wharf, was well placed as Engineering Stores.
The southern section came to be known as Shipping Store. It provided access for goods entering and leaving the complex, and sometimes housed CSR’s sub-contractors. Between Engineering Stores and the Engineering Workshop, its varying functions were central to the refinery operation. It was bounded by Bowman Street, much narrower than it is now: only CSR traffic was admitted through a gate.