Do you want AirBnB in your building?

The vexed issue of short-term holiday letting (STHL) must soon be resolved.  The State Government is trying to formulate a policy, instead of leaving it to ad hoc decisions. To that end it has released Options Paper for Short Term holiday letting in NSWa review which invites feedback. 

The representatives of many stratas have expressed their anxiety that the government may deny stratas the power to determine their own policies and practices.  Some stratas favour STHL, others do not. The group argues that everyone will be a winner if each strata can determine its own policy using by-laws.

They encourage all stratas to endorse a collective letter seeking the Premier’s support for this policy, and to write to her individually, stating their particular concerns and aspirations. 

Click here for the letter to all strata committees and the letter to the Premier.

Individual owners are also encouraged to express your views on short-term holiday letting in your own apartment block.