Security officers are employed by Sentinel Security Group (Sentinel), the company contracted by the Community Association. Sentinel Security Group is an Australian-owned company that provides comprehensive security services and security solutions to the Sydney Metro and Melbourne since 1998.

Their primary role is to protect the community facilities of the Jacksons Landing Community Association and common areas of strata plans.

Security operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the Gatehouse.

Tel: 02 8565 9494

What Security does:

  • Provide security for all common areas of the Estate
  • Photograph and record details of on-site contractors so that everyone knows that they can be on site
  • Issue contractor keys and monitor contractor movement
  • Monitor CCTV. and alarms (fire doors, plant rooms, lifts)
  • Attend to noise complaints
  • Provide first aid – all officers have first aid certificates – including using the first aid kit and the defibrillator in the Gatehouse. They can also help with getting an ambulance to you.
  • Book in and issue tennis court and visitor car park keys in the absence of Resident Services Management
  • Carry out regular patrols of all common areas, plant rooms, fire control, garbage and pump rooms (at least one complete patrol every 24 hours) covering all buildings and common areas of the Estate
  • Carry out street patrols of the Estate
  • Report all property damage to Estate Management
  • Set up and remove lift mats prior to and at the completion of the moves
  • Complete pre- and post-inspection forms for all moves throughout the Estate, and deal with moves that have not been previously booked
  • Carry out Station inspections when required
  • Attend to general emergency situations
  • Liaise with police and report suspicious behaviour, stealing and other offences
  • Outside Estate Management hours serve resident needs in relation to matters such as faulty air conditioners, hot water systems, lighting, plumbing and similar incidents.

What Security is not able to do:

  • They cannot hold resident keys for contractors.
  • They cannot accept deliveries for residents.
  • They cannot accept lost property.
  • They cannot enter anyone’s residence without their approval.
  • They cannot get involved in any civil disputes, eg domestic disturbances.
  • They are not the police and cannot arrest anyone. They have no more powers than any other person.
  • They cannot do anything about people using the parks and streets.


Many of Security’s responsibilities are carried out in accordance with instructions issued by the Community Association – Security does not make the rules up..


The security officers work in teams of two – a controller, who stays in the Gatehouse to be always readily available, and a rover, who walks or drives around the estate checking locks, pump rooms, etc and keeping eyes open for anything of concern.