Resident Services Manager

Resident Services Manager

The Resident Services Manager’s (RSM) primary role is to liaise with residents and service providers to ensure the smooth operation of the estate, whilst reviewing and enhancing a number of the current roles that the RSM performs.

The RSM is located in the Estate Management office at 45 Bowman Street, on the lower ground floor of Distillery. RSM services are available 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday except public holidays, and between 8am to 12pm Saturday.

Tel: 02 8565 9400

The RSM’s work includes:

  • EFTPOS/All Station booking and Move deposit bonds, FOBs and Air Keys transacted through EFTPOS
  • Account reconciliations daily
  • Booking of moves and deliveries (in/out), completing hard copy and then entering into Shift to Shift register for the information of security
  • Approving applications for Air Keys and Fobs
  • Station Reservations – emailing confirmations and assisting security with pre- inspections
  • Controlling and recording tennis court bookings
  • Reporting urgent repairs and maintenance issues to Estate Management.
  • Attending meetings with CA and security and assets sub-committees to report on and implement day-to-day issues
  • Providing reports for CA EC meetings
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Swipe card, Fobkey and Air Key Request

Moving Request: Please ensure that you read the moving procedure for your strata prior to your move.