Building Management


Each strata now makes its own building management arrangements. Some have chosen to retain BGIS (now rebranded Sky Management), and some have engaged Manage Meant. Both companies have previously managed the whole of Jacksons Landing. Regatta Wharf and Mount St Walk Terraces have also engaged their own building managers from two separate companies.

The Resident Services Manager (RSM)’s role is now cared for by Manage Meant who work from the Estate Management Office.  The Estate Management office on Bowman Street, on the lower ground floor of Distillery, is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday except public holidays. For urgent inquiries over Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, please see security at the Gatehouse – 58B Bowman Street.

Please note, the Estate Management office is no longer open on Saturdays.


Community Association (CA)

Manage Meant maintains the common property and supervises services for the CA. Areas managed on behalf of owners include:

  • Cleaning
  • Building maintenance & repair
  • Landscaping
  • Waste management
  • Electronic access control
  • Annual fire services certification
  • All CA-owned facilities – the Station, the Glasshouse pool and gym, the tennis courts and the Pot Still (community meeting) room.

They can be contacted on 02 8565 9400.


Nicholas Saunders (Manage Meant – Estate Manager)

Nick serves several stratas with dedication. Nick brings practical building knowledge and an attention to detail to his building management service. Nick’s responsive and supportive communication is often commented on by his residents. Nick is a building manager who delivers outstanding results. He looks after:

  • The Community AssociationNicolas
  • Fleetview
  • Tablet House
  • Fleetview/Tablet House BMC
  • Escarpment
  • Cadigal Avenue Terraces
  • Antias

Mobile: 0437 662 070
After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494


Steven Attard (Manage Meant – Building Manager)

StevenSteven delivers thorough and dedicated building management support. Steven returns to Jacksons Landing with extensive and valuable experience, having skilfully supported many sites over the last five years, managing large scale capital works and resolving substantial building management challenges. Steven has earned himself a brilliant reputation. He takes care of:

  • Distillery Hill

If you need his assistance please call his mobile.

Mobile: 0499 593 006
After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494


Lauren Bodie (Manage Meant – Building Manager)

LaurenLauren is part of the Jacksons Landing Manage Meant team. Lauren brings to the team her exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and a particular love of project management. Lauren is a driven and passionate building manager with a great ability to multitask and deliver brilliant results. She looks after:

  • Sugar Dock
  • Reflections

If you need her assistance please call her mobile.

Mobile: 0418 504 207
After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494


Lester Biggs (Sky Management – Building Manager)

As a qualified Carpenter/Joinery Lester has worked in retail, domestic, commercial, industrial and civil building sites for 20 years.

A few of the major projects Lester has worked on structural and post tension aspects of the Anzac Bridge cabling and lead a team of carpenters during the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Lester started in Building Management in 2002 and have been in this field for 18 years, working in commercial, industrial and residential buildings

  • Rum Store
  • The Elizabeth
  • BMC The Elizabeth / Rum Store
  • Cooperage
  • BMC Escarpment/Cooperage
  • McCafferys Hill

Mobile: 0417 272 458
After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494


Greg Sara (Sky Management – Senior Building Manager)

Having worked for over twelve years in residential and commercial building and strata management, Greg brings experience and knowledge of strata living to Jacksons Landing. Greg enjoys working with people, both residents and contractors, to ensure his buildings are presented to the highest standard.
Greg takes care of:

  • Knox on Bowman
  • Silk
  • Stonecutters
  • Evolve
  • Antias

Mobile: 0417 071 799
After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494



Jozef Seremet (Proactfm – Building Manager)

Jozef works on-site, rather than being based in an office.

He is the designated on-site building manager for:

  • Regatta Wharf

If you need his assistance please call his mobile.

Mobile: 0450 319 197
After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494


Tony Newick (Handyman)

Tony has provided handyman services throughout the estate for more than 15 years.

He focuses on maintaining aspects of common property for individual strata plans and the Community Association. He Tonysupports the building managers to ensure the estate is maintained at the highest level.

Mobile: 0414 395 295