For services contracted by the Community Association to the Jacksons Landing community, go to the Services section.

For information and contacts related to the Community Association, go to the Community Association page.

For information and contacts related to your strata, go to your building page.

Other useful contacts in this section are:

General Contacts

Email the webmaster if you find errors, or have other useful contacts to suggest. Emergency Services Fire, Police, Ambulance 000 City Central Police, 192 Day St 02 9265 6499 Pyrmont Fire Station 02 9518 9304 Local authorities Pyrmont Community Centre¬† 02 9298 3130 City of Sydney Council (24-hours) ¬†02 9265 9333 Roads and Maritime Services…

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These tradespeople provide services to residents of Jacksons Landing. No responsibility is taken for their work, and we accept no liability for any claim, loss or damage (including a claim of negligence). It is the responsibility of the person engaging them to ensure that they have all the appropriate licences, insurances and WHS documentation in…

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Other Services

Here are some useful contacts. No recommendations should be inferred, and no guarantee is given as to the accuracy of the information provided. It is the responsibility of the person engaging them to ensure that they have all the appropriate licences, insurances and WHS documentation in place. If you have suggestions for more contacts, or…

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Pyrmont Community

Here are some useful links to organisations in the Pyrmont area City of Sydney Council The City of Sydney is a capital city council and responsible for the commercial, financial and cultural hub of the greater Sydney area, including Ultimo, Pyrmont, East Sydney, Glebe and South Sydney Jacksons Landing Coalition In March 2018, concerned local residents…

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JL Community

You can email the Community Association and each of strata committees from this page. There are more contact details for your strata on your building page. Please remember that these are all voluntary positions, and it may take some time to receive a reply. Community Association Assets Subcommittee IT Subcommittee Finance and Services Subcommittee Antias…

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Have a question?

Who should I speak to? Jacksons Landing is a large community made up of many stratas. For issues in your building, go to your building page. For the Community Association (CA), go to the Community Association page, or email the CA Executive Committee. Services are provided by: Brookfield GIS – estate manager and resident services manager Australian Frontline Services…

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Report a Fault

Email Estate Management, or call them on 02 9518 8656 with the details – building, the problem, and your contact details. If it is urgent and after hours, contact Security on 02 8565 9494.

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Contact Webmaster

Click here to Email the webmaster.

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