Community Association AGM

The Community Association Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 9 October, attended by most of the proxies (representatives) of the strata plans in Jacksons Landing. A comprehensive presentation of the year’s activities was presented by the Chair, Colin Knowles, together with a summary of the sale of the old estate management office and the purchase of Lend Lease’s sales office. This has been fitted out as the new shopfront estate management office, providing direct access for all residents to their building managers, and a small meeting room suitable for committee and subcommittee meetings.

Colin’s presentation will be downloadable shortly. The executive committee for 2013-14 was elected, and can be seen here. Subcommittees were also appointed. Residents interested in participating in the work of any of the subcommittees should email the CA office-bearers.

Minutes of the AGM, together with papers of all general and executive committee meetings, are available on the website of Dynamic Property Services (DPS). Owners can log in to the DPS website using the strata plan number and password on their levy notice, or by emailing DPS customer service.