Christmas in Pyrmont

Christmas in Pyrmont, on Sunday 1 December, showed off the high spirits and camaraderie of the suburb. Eighty volunteers (81 if you include Santa Claus) threw themselves into the organisation; a dozen performance groups entertained (all except Lah Lah were local); and several hundred children chatted to a weary Santa, consulted animal welfare and cycling experts, patted animals in the petting zoo and bounced in the castles. Who Dares (the traffic managers) estimate that 7,000 people mingled among the stalls and enjoyed the entertainment in the square and all the activities in the Community Centre.

Just as important was the response of the stallholders and visitors. ‘What a great celebration of the diverse community you are!’ says Tye McMahon, the City’s Manager of Social Programs and Services. ‘I loved seeing so many people out and about, talking to each other, meeting new people and engaging with local community organisations and businesses.’
Captain Chocolate was even happier as he went home to create more treats: ‘What a vibe! What a WONDERFUL community at Pyrmont! It was cosy, friendly and exceptionally well run.’
‘The community loved it – something for everyone’, says Sherryl Ryan, founder of Culture at Work.
Final accounts, and more photos, will be posted here in the next few days: the event raised over $60,000 for our charities.