The seventh street fair was the best so far. The weather was milder and kinder, the stalls more varied, the volunteers younger, brisker and better organised, and proceedings smoother than ever. Santa was just as helpful and promising as everyone expects. We even coped with (and decorated) an old car abandoned where we wanted a stall. More prizes were won in the raffle – expertly drawn by Alex Greenwich. Ultimo Public School parents brought energy and efficiency to their work while the pupils sang sublimely.

The performers, highlighted by Taikoz drummers and Jam Pact players, supported by ballet dancers and cheerleaders, offered immense variety and quality to mesmerise the audience. And the MC not only welcomed us to country, but also engaged with children and adults – explaining and demonstrating the didgeridoo.

It is possible that nearly 10,000 people visited the fair between Lord Mayor Clover Moore opening it at 1pm, and 7pm when volunteers began packing up. The accounts are not quite complete, but it is clear that Christmas in Pyrmont covered the costs of the event and are able to distribute $80,000 between Barnardos, Ultimo Public School, Pyrmont Cares, and Uniting Harris Centre/Mustard Seed Church.

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Thanks to all our generous sponsors and amazing volunteers!