Date Built: 2012

Architect: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer

4 storeys, 43 apartments Adjacent to Anzac Bridge overlooking Bank Street. Site of CSR char house.



Antias Site before Antias and Silk 2010

Antias, designed by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, is a 4-storey block of 43 apartments, completed in 2012. It overlooks the remains of the Griffins’ incinerator, and occupies the site once dominated by CSR’s Char House.  Lend Lease hoped to retain the Char House to display industrial archaeology.  In the event, the structure was demolished and some of its artefacts housed elsewhere in Jacksons Landing.

When its initial Development Application for Antias was rejected by the City of Sydney, Lend Lease consulted the community and devised the present structure – a building with a lower skyline and a more interesting design.

Antias is named (obscurely) for a street that no longer exists.  Worse than that, a plaque on Bank Street celebrates the Griffins’ debt to the Austrian philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner – mistakenly described as Australian.