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Estate Manager

Brookfield GIS has been contracted by the Community Association (CA) to maintain the common property and supervise services for the CA and each of the strata schemes.
The Estate Management office in Bowman Street, on the lower ground floor of Distillery, is open from 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday except public holidays, and 8:00am to 12:00pm Saturday.
Areas managed on behalf of owners include:

  • Cleaning
  • Building maintenance & repair
  • Landscaping
  • Waste management
  • Electronic access control
  • Annual fire services certification.

Brookfield GIS also manage all CA-owned facilities such as the Station, the Glasshouse pool and gym, the tennis courts and the community meeting room.
Please contact the Estate Management office: 02 9518 8656


Saber Ansari (Estate Manager)
Saber is ultimately responsible for the common assets and residential properties relating to the operational, maintenance and repair of the estate. The Community Association EC has a direct communication channel with Saber to ensure the estate is managed efficiently.

Saber completed a Facilities Management Diploma through the University of New England, and brings years of experience, managing King Street Wharf precincts, RMS portfolio with 600 sites, working with NSW Public Work as a Facilities Management Consultant and managing the City of Sydney portfolio of high rise, residential and heritage buildings.

Saber does not have a direct portfolio allocation. This is to allow him the flexibility to provide support and expertise to the whole team and to ensure excellent service delivery to all of the strata schemes. Saber oversees the operational running and contractual outcome to the whole of the estate.
Office: 02 9518 8656
Mobile: 0417 570 087 (Business hours. After hours, call security on 02 8565 9494)
Chad Green (Senior Facilities Manager)
Having worked for more than 10 years specifically as a Senior Facilities Manager and with a background in mechanical engineering for nearly 30 years’, Chad has worked on everything from A-Grade to Heritage listed, Commercial and Residential multi-storey properties. Chad focuses on providing quality customer service to residents and key stakeholders. He supervises all contractors and services with discretion and minimal disruption to occupants.

Chad takes care of:
McCaffrey's Hill
Tablet House
BMC Fleetview / Tablet House
Office: 02 9518 8656
Mobile: 0417 259 449 (Business hours. After hours, call security on 02 8565 9494)
Charlene has a Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning and has been in the strata and building management industry for years. Previously managing a 6ha residential estate in Wollstonecraft, she brings with her a confident background in building, strata and community management.
Charlene takes care of:
Distillery Hill
The Elizabeth
Rum Store
BMC The Elizabeth / Rum Store
Office: 02 9518 8656
Mobile: 0417 272 458 (Business hours. After hours, call security on 02 8565 9494)