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Community Facilities

» What AV equipment is available in the Station?

There is a large colour projector for DVD, HD TV and computers. Audio – radio and CD – is available via Ipod. It is recommended that computer systems are trialled prior to the event as some older systems have been found to be incompatible. The Resident Services Manager (RSM) can provide a run-through on all systems prior to an event.

» Book the Station

The Station is available to all residents of Jacksons Landing for community or private use. Bookings are made through the Resident Services Manager (RSM), and a refundable $500 bond must be paid to confirm the booking. If you want to use the community’s crockery, cutlery and glassware, there is a non-refundable hire charge of $100. This allows replacement of items that are broken or taken accidentally. You can request a booking by sending an email to the RSM, or phoning 02 8565 9400. For more information, and to download the rules and booking forms, go to the Facilities section. If you have any questions or comments about the use of the Station, email the convenor of the Assets Subcommittee of the Community Association.

» How do I find out about the history of Jacksons Landing?

Click here to go to the History section of this website. There is a list of sources on the site, including Doors were always open: Recollections of Pyrmont and Ultimo, City West Development Corporation, 1997 Fitzgerald, Shirley & Hilary Golder, Pyrmont & Ultimo under siege, 2nd ed., Halstead Press, 2009 Irving, Robert, Paradise Purgatory Hell Hole: the story of the Saunders sandstone quarries, Pyrmont, Media Master, 2006 Matthews, Michael, Pyrmont & Ultimo: a history, 1982

The Pyrmont History Group holds History talks on the third Sunday of each month at the Station. See topics on the Pyrmont History Talk website.

Enquires: Donald 0429 679 204.

» Where are the local parks?

Pyrmont has several parks, and more are being developed. The parks within Jacksons Landing are:

  • Refinery Square in Bowman St adjoining the Station;
  • Cadi Park between Regatta Wharf and Reflections; and
  • Waterfront Park between Reflections and evolve*.

Other major parks in the area are:

  • Pirrama Park, including the former Water Police site and Pyrmont Point Park at the end of the point;
  • Giba Park above it (it has amazing views of the Harbour Bridge and the city); and
  • Wentworth Park opposite the Fish Market.

A park still to be developed is:

  • under the freeway in Bank Street.

» I’ve heard there’s a book exchange. Where is it?

There is a book exchange in the Pyrmont Community Centre in Mount Street, set up and maintained by local residents. Help yourself to as many books as you like, and return them (or pass them on to someone else) when you’ve finished with them. Donations are welcome, but – PLEASE – only adult fiction and biography. The book exchange is open whenever the Community Centre is. Click here for details of the Centre’s opening hours and other activities.

» What community facilities does Pyrmont have?

  • Pyrmont Community Centre (cnr John & Mount Streets) – a centre for many community activities and classes, after school and vacation care, a book exchange where you can borrow books freely, and a link to the City of Sydney Library Network. Click here to download the latest issue of Pyrmont What’s On.
  • Maybanke Community Centre (Harris Street near Union Square) – basketball and tennis courts, a (small) clubhouse and access for free play for children and young people. Contact the Pyrmont Community Centre on 02 9298 3130 for more information.

» What are the Community Facilities?

These facilities are all managed by or on behalf of the Community Association:

The Station
The tennis courts
The Glasshouse heated swimming pool and gymnasium
The Security Gatehouse
The Estate Management office and Pot Still room
This website.
There is more information in the Facilities section.

Do I Need Permission?

» What are common architectural standards and what do they mean for me?

Jacksons Landing is a planned community and each building has been designed by an architect to work in harmony with all the other buildings. To ensure this philosophy is adhered to by each strata in implementing any later changes to their buildings, a group of common architectural standards have been drawn up to control such things as alterations to buildings, washing on balconies, window furnishings visible from outside the building etc. These standards are administered by the Community Association as the overarching body for the whole estate. While all changes to the appearance of buildings require Community Association approval, in practice the Community Association normally accepts recommendations from each strata executive committee. It is wise to check the standards before you take action to alter your residence in a way that can be seen from outside.

» Moving In/Out

Each building has its own rules for moving in and out. You can see them by going to your building page, where you can download a copy of the procedure. In general, you need to book all moves with the Resident Services Manager on 02 8565 9400, pay a bond against damage to the common property, and for most buildings, have the move supervised by a security officer. Click here to download a copy of the booking form. If you have moved into a new building and need large items (eg fridge, lounge suite) delivered, you may also have to book a time with the RSM, so that you do not conflict with others still moving in.

» I’m concerned about the energy used by the lift. Can I use the fire stairs to get out of my building?

Unfortunately no. The fire stair doors are connected to the security section of the Gatehouse and ring an alarm whenever they are opened. Also, the stairs are pressurised as part of our fire protection, and if the doors are opened and closed it takes energy to re-pressurise the stairwell.

» Do I need permission to keep a pet?

Residents must seek permission to keep a pet. The Community Association has authorised each strata committee to approve applications to keep pets. The process and conditions may vary slightly from strata to strata, and from time to time. Write a letter to your strata committee asking for permission. Details should include:

  • Type of pet
  • Male / Female
  • Micro-chipped?
  • Trained / obedient
  • Size
  • Approx weight
  • Temperament
  • Any other information that may be relevant.

Tenants must get written consent from the owner of their apartment. The strata committee will review the application. You may need to wait for the next meeting. If permission is granted, it is subject to a number of conditions, to which you must agree in writing; for example:

  • At no time will you cause or permit the Community Management Statement or other by-laws to be breached
  • The pet must be kept in a manner which does not cause nuisance or excessive noise to other residents
  • No damage is caused to common property
  • Pets must either be carried or kept on a leash while on common property – this includes the gardens, lifts and lobbies
  • Toileting of pets is not permitted on community or strata common property (excreta must be cleaned and removed)
  • During fire evacuation a pet must be carried in a pet cage or kept on a leash
  • The strata Committee reserves the right to review and retract this approval if any of the above conditions are not fulfilled.
  • When your written acceptance is received you will be approved to keep a pet. There are more details about keeping pets, including breeds of dogs that are not permitted, in the Community Management Statement.

See the “Dog Owners” note on the Community Activities page for information on the local parks and dog lead requirements.

» What are the rules if I want to build in/on my balcony?

The short answer is that you cannot build on your balcony without permission of both your strata plan and the Community Association. Click here to download the Architectural Standards for the Community Association. This means you cannot build any structure, install the compressor for an air conditioner, build a built-in barbecue, enclose part of your balcony or even install an awning on your balcony, without permission. It would be wise to speak to a member of your strata committee to find out what may or may not be allowed before you go to any trouble or expense, in case permission is refused.

» Can I install a storage unit in the car park?

You need the approval of your strata committee to install a storage unit on your car space in the car park. Since stratas have different strata managers, find the contact details for your strata here.


» Who cleans my car parking space within my building?

Cleaning of a vehicle parking space is the resident’s responsibility.

» What are the rules about parking in my building’s carpark?

The Owners Corporation cannot take action in a private matter involving a resident’s car space. It is NOT permissible to wheel clamp cars or place stickers on car windows. If someone parks in your car space you need to take the issue to the other car owner directly. Security may place a notice on the car asking them to move, or try to identify the owner. If this problem persists, please email your strata manager. Since stratas have different strata managers, find the contact details for your strata manager here.

With the approval of the strata committee they may write a letter to the car owner. Residents may not park in visitor car spaces or anywhere on the common property of the building. Some buildings have a bollard system to ensure that only visitors use these spaces. If your building has bollards and you have a visitor needing a space, go to the Gatehouse and sign out a bollard key for a space. This key must be returned as instructed by security.

» Resident Parking

Residents are issued with an air key to access their building’s secure parking area. There is a limit to the number of air keys per unit – this is set by each strata committee. You can see your building’s restrictions by going to your building page.

» Visitor parking

Visitor parking varies from building to building, and is never guaranteed. You can see your building’s requirements by going to your building page. In general, residents can provide access for their visitors, and there are limits on the time a visitor can occupy a car space. Residents are not allowed to park in visitor parking areas, and for many buildings a key must be obtained from, and returned to, the RSM or Security. The City of Sydney has recently changed its visitor parking system, and now issues a number of daily permits to eligible residents. Click here for details.

Recreation Facilities

» Can I join the aquarobics group?

All residents and their guests are welcome to join the aquarobics group which is free. You need to collect a fob from the Gatehouse, and, if you are new, contact Lorraine beforehand. It is in the Glasshouse Pool at 10am on Tuesdays and Fridays. We usually go for coffee afterwards. For enquires contact Lorraine on 0419 021 309.

» What are the conditions of use for the Glasshouse Gym and Pool?

The Glasshouse pool and gym are available for use by all current residents. There are restrictions on access to comply with Covid-19 regulations. For information, and copies of the rules, go to Glasshouse Pool or Glasshouse Gym.

» Can I coach on the tennis courts?

The courts are for residents of Jacksons Landing, who pay for their upkeep. A resident may book a court and employ their own coach, but otherwise coaching is not allowed.

» Can we play tennis when the courts are slightly wet?

It is OK to play, as long as the courts are not under water.

» When is Social Tennis?

Social tennis is on Thursdays 9-11am in summer, 9am-11noon in winter, and Sundays 8-10am in summer, 9-11am in winter. Anyone who plays tennis at any level can come and play. The first to arrive can pick up the key from the Security Gatehouse, go to the court and start playing. With enquiries contact Anthony on 0404 876 927 (Sundays) or Nicki on 0492 466 859 (Thursdays).

» How do I book a tennis court?

All residents may use the tennis courts. You can book by phoning the Resident Service Manager (RSM) on 02 8565 9400 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm. Outside RSM hours bookings can be made by contacting Security on 02 8565 9494. Hours of use are from 8am to sunset.

Each booking is for a maximum of one hour and it is not possible to book more than a week in advance. Coaching is not allowed to anyone who is not a resident of Jacksons Landing. To obtain access to the tennis courts, pick up a key from the Gatehouse. As a security deposit for this key and to prove that you are a resident, you will be asked to leave a fob or your driver’s licence showing your JL address. This will be returned after your game.

There are also social tennis times – Thursdays 9.00-11.o0am and Sundays 4-6pm in summer, 3-5pm in winter – when any resident can come and play with other residents, without having to book.

To download the rules, and see when a court is available, go to the Facilities section.

If you have any questions or comments about the tennis courts, email the convenor of the Assets Subcommittee of the Community Association.

Repairs and Maintenance

» Preferred suppliers

Although we cannot recommend particular tradespeople, you can obtain a list of suppliers of services to Jacksons Landing residents by clicking here

» How do I report street lights out?

Ring Energy Australia on 1800 044 808, or use their online form.

» How do I report street cleaning issues?

Ring the Sydney City Council on 1300 651 301.

» I have a complaint about the public parks and/or gardens around the estate

The lawn and gardens within Waterfront Park are managed by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) – 1300 655 995. Pirrama Park and the gardens around the public car park on Refinery Drive are managed by the City Council – 02 9265 9333. All the others are currently managed by Estate Management – email them, or call them on 02 9518 8656.

» How do I report a light out in the common area of my building?

If you notice that there is a light out in the common area of your building, please email Estate Management. State the building name, level and a description of the type and location of the light.

» How do I report a defect?

Apartment owners have a 3-month defect liability period from the date of settlement. There are also defects that are identified after the 3-month period. If you identify a defect, report it to Customer Care (1800 682 215). If you need clarification on the best course of action regarding a potential defect, email Estate Management, or call them on 02 9518 8656. Tenants should contact their estate agent in the first instance.

» My internal intercom handset does not work

Handsets inside the apartment are the resident’s responsibility to maintain. Click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents. All others are the responsibility of the owners’ corporation. Report malfunctioning intercoms to the RSM or Estate Management, both on 02 9518 8656. If they are not available, speak to Security on 02 8565 9494.

» What is the paint colour code for my apartment?

This information is provided in the Home Owners Manual.

» Who cleans the apartment windows?

It is each resident’s responsibility to clean the outside of your apartment windows. Some strata committees have elected to do it on a strata basis. Check on your building page. For a recommended window cleaner or other tradesperson, click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» We are experiencing loss of hot water/poor pressure

The thermostatic-controlled mixing valve is faulty. A service needs to be carried out annually by a licensed plumber. Click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» My smoke alarm is beeping and needs repair

The battery (9V good quality – eg Duracell, Energizer) needs replacing. Remove the cover, unscrew the smoke alarm unit from the ceiling, and replace the battery. This should be done annually. If it still beeps, the unit is probably faulty and needs to be replaced by an electrician. Click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» My tap is dripping

Replacing washers is the resident’s responsibility. If you need a licensed plumber, click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» There is an odour coming out from my floor drain

Floor wastes need to be cleaned out and flushed with clean fresh water. Often you can just pour a bucket or two of water through the drain hole.

» What should I do if my air conditioning unit doesn’t work properly?

Service of the air conditioning unit is the resident’s/owner’s responsibility. This includes regular service of the filter and drain tray. The frequency depends upon how often the units are used. Click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents. Tenants should contact their estate agent for further advice and/or repairs.

» I have lost power to my unit. What do I do?

First remove the appliance that you were just using from the power point. Then go to the circuit board (usually in the kitchen), find the tripped breaker (it will be off), and turn it back on. If this doesn’t work, turn off all power points. Check your circuit board again and turn the switch on. Then turn on each appliance one by one. If you need an electrician, click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» I need to borrow some tools to do some work in my unit/on my car

Tools are not kept in the Gatehouse. We have many requests for items such as power tools, ladders, trolleys and jumper leads. There is no space to keep tools and keeping records would be time-consuming. Click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» Can someone let the plumber/electrician into my apartment while I’m at work?

Residents are responsible for arranging parking and access to their apartment. It is recommended that you are at home when work is being carried out. Security cannot let private contractors in or supervise their work.

» Can you recommend a tradesperson to work in my apartment?

Click here for a list of tradespeople used by Jacksons Landing residents.

» Report something broken

Email Estate Management, or call them on 02 9518 8656 with the details – building, the problem, and your contact details. If it is urgent and after hours, contact Security on 02 8565 9494.

Reporting Bad Behaviour

» How do I complain about illegal parking on the streets?

Ring Sydney City Council parking officers on 1300 651 301.

» What should I do if I have a noise complaint?

If unreasonable noise is generated from another apartment or the common area of the building, contact the Security Gatehouse through your intercom or by ringing 02 8565 9494. A security guard will attend and may ask the resident to reduce the volume. If the security guard does not think the noise level is unreasonable, or if the noise continues, residents are advised to contact a Council Ranger on 1300 651 301, or the police on 000. Security will raise an incident report for the Executive Committee of your building.

If you experience continued issues from the same source, please email the strata manager with your strata plan number and unit or lot number, and the nature of your complaint.

There are restrictions on noise in the Station, but it is difficult to restrict noise from public areas outside the Station. Security officers have authority to request patrons to keep noise levels down both within the Station and on the forecourt.

For noise from ships at Glebe Island, the Port Authority have a 24/7 complaint line – 02 9296 4962. You can call this any time and the Port Authority will investigate and action accordingly.

See also the NOISE section in Issues page.

» How do I report washing on balconies?

In order to maintain Jacksons Landing's high appearance standards, residents are not permitted to dry washing on balconies. If you observe a neighbour contravening this by-law, email the strata manager with details of the building name and apartment number of the resident.

» How do I report items being thrown from balconies?

If you see a resident throwing an object off their balcony, you can email the strata manager with details of the building name and apartment number of the offending resident. S/he should write to the resident asking him or her not to do this


» How to deal with a kitchen fire?

Read this document and watch video contained within.

Security, Keys and Deliveries

» What do the security officers do?

They are employed by Australian Frontline  Services (AFS), which has the contract with the Community Association. Their primary role is to protect the community facilities of the Community Association and common areas of strata plans. Security operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the Gatehouse. For more information, go to the Services section.

» Can I fit deadlocks/peep hole in the front door of my apartment?

You can, provided they are fire-rated for 2 hours. Email Estate Management or call them on 02 9518 8656 for specific manufacturers’ details.

» Can someone let the plumber/electrician into my apartment while I’m at work?

Residents are responsible for arranging parking and access to their apartment. It is recommended that you are at home when work is being carried out. Security cannot let private contractors in or supervise their work.

» I need additional FOBs and air keys

Each strata sets the number of FOBs and air keys residents may have. For more than the quota, you need to apply to your strata executive committee. See your building page for more information.

» How do I obtain a replacement fob /air key (remote)?

Lost or damaged fobs/air keys will be cancelled and swipe cards will now be replaced by fobs.

If your garage air key is not working, the problem is often a flat battery. Please check the battery before applying for a replacement.

To obtain a replacement, it is necessary to determine the ID numbers of the keys that you still possess. These are located: On the face of the fobs (and older card swipes) and on the back of the garage air keys.

Note: If you cannot read the numbers, both RSM (Resident Services Management) and Security Gatehouse (24/7), have key readers.

Contact RSM to arrange a form for a replacement key (see the link below), or collect it from the Estate Management office on the corner of 45 Bowman Street (Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 4:30m pm). There is a charge of $25 for a fob and $60 for an air key.  This can be paid by Visa or Mastercard when you return the form to the RSM.

The purchase is recorded and a receipt issued. The unique electronic code of new fob and air key serial numbers are recorded.  The receipt date is the commencement of a 12 month warranty.  The warranty covers a defective device but it does not cover a damaged fob or air key.  A replacement for a defective device will be issued within the 12 month warranty period free of charge.

Applicants will need to provide proof of ID and address and permission to obtain any keys.

If you are renting your property via an agency, the agency will need to arrange for the purchase of the lost air key and fob, on behalf of the owner. Please note, it will be the tenant’s responsibility to coordinate the scanning of the remaining fobs to ascertain which fob has been lost so that that fob can be cancelled.

No issue of a fob or air key can occur until the remaining fobs/air keys have been scanned and identified and ALL sections of the application form have been completed.

Note: Most stratas have limits on the number of keys that can be issued to a unit. The RSM and Security can advise you of these limits. If you have been approved for additional fobs or air keys, please provide supporting documentation.


Click here to download a copy of the Fob and Air Key Request Form.

Click here to download a copy of the Fob/Air key Return Form.

Click here to download a copy of the key Control Policy.

Click here to download a copy of the Key Control Procedures.

» Lost keys procedures

Security can give you access to your floor, but they do not hold keys for your front door. They can give you details of a locksmith – the usual wait is about an hour. They recommend that you keep a spare key in a safe place to cover such a future predicament.

» Arrange a delivery

If you are moving or are having large items (eg fridge, lounge suite) delivered, you may have to book a time with the Security on 02 8565 9494.

» Lost property

There is no provision for handing in lost property, as the Resident Services Manager (RSM) and security officers cannot store or manage found items. The RSM can take details of valuable property in case someone enquires, but will advise you to hand it in to the police.

» Report a crime

If you are the victim of a crime, you should immediately report it to the police on 02 9265 6499, and also our security officers on 02 8565 9494. The security guards cannot detain anyone, but they monitor the Estate, and it is useful for them to be aware of any incidents. For emergencies ring the police on 000. You can download detailed advice about contacting the police, and find tips and information about Crime Prevention here.


Strata and Who Does What

» Who is my building manager?

Since stratas have different building managers, find the contact details for your building manager here.

» Who is my strata manager?

Since stratas have different strata managers, find the contact details for your strata here.

» What is strata?

Strata is a system for handling the legal ownership of a ‘portion’ of a building or structure. For all you want to know about strata (and perhaps much more!), go to the Strataman website.

» What is the Community Association?

The Community Association is made up of all the residential and commercial lots (strata plans – SPs) in Jacksons Landing. Its by-laws are the Community Management Statement and additional by-laws. The Community Association manages the community property (the Station, the Gatehouse, the Glasshouse pool and gym, the community meeting room, and this website), controls the common architectural standards, administers service contracts and assists in the smooth and efficient functioning of the whole of Jacksons Landing. For more information about community facilities, and copies of the rules, go to the Facilities section.

» Who should I speak to?

Jacksons Landing is a large community made up of many stratas. For issues in your building, go to your building page. For the Community Association (CA), go to the Community Association page, or email the CA Executive Committee. Services are provided by:

Click on any of them for details of what they do and how to contact them.