Community Association

The Community Association comprises all the residential and commercial lots (strata plans – SPs) in Jacksons Landing. Its by-laws are the Community Management Statement. This has been revised to reflect the completion of the estate, and to amend some of the by-laws. Read and download the new Community Management Statement here.

CA Executive Committee

Most decisions are made by the Executive Committee, which consists of nine strata nominees. All residents and owners are welcome to attend its meetings as observers. The new Executive Committee is:

Mary Mortimer Chair 0410 679 204
Neville Monk Secretary 0408 104 037
David Rice Treasurer 0420 738 588
Amanda Cook Member 02 8232 8102
Carol Limmer Member 0447 631 113
Luke Holmes Member 0410 231 319
Louisa Wei Member 0403 447 069
Greg Lawler Member 0416 282 741
Elizabeth Elenius Member 0409 552 117

CA Meetings Executive Committee meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each second month at 7pm at the Station.

For 2023,

  • Wednesday 13 December, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting

For 2024,

  • Wednesday 14 February, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting
  • Wednesday 10 April, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting
  • Wednesday 12 June, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting
  • Wednesday 14 August, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting
  • Wednesday 9 October, 7pm – Annual General  Meeting
  • Wednesday 9 October, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting to follow AGM
  • Wednesday 11 December, 7pm – Executive Committee Meeting

CA Representatives

The Community Association holds at least one general meeting a year, when the representative of each strata (called a proxy) votes on behalf of the strata. All proxies are encouraged to attend Executive Committee meetings, speak on behalf of their strata, and report back to their strata committee. Proxies are also encouraged to nominate for the CA subcommittees. To contact the Community Association, email the office-bearers, or the CA’s strata manager, Jeremy Delaney.

Building Name Proxy   Alternate Proxy  
Antias Neville Monk   Stan Knight-Smith  
Cadigal Terraces Rhonda Dore      
The Cooperage Shahe Simonian   Rosanna Hawkins  
Distillery Hill Luke Holmes   Diana Custic  
The Elizabeth Louisa Wei      
Escarpment Margaret Hughes   Terry Einfeld  
evolve* Elizabeth Elenius      
Fleetview Brett Bowman   Kate Miller  
Knox on Bowman Greg Lawler      
McCafferys Wayne Shearing      
Mount Street Terraces Amanda Cook   Luke Lee  
Reflections Jill McKeough      
Regatta Wharf Mary Mortimer   Peter Murray  
Rum Store Mary Venner   John Menear  
Silk David Rice   Rebecca Palmer  
Stonecutters Jacqui Ward      
Sugar Dock Andrew Pickles   Carol Limmer  
Tablet House Jon Howe   Rifai Rachmat