Jacksons Landing, at the northern tip of the Pyrmont peninsula, attracts scholars and scores of students to inspect (and admire) a leading example of urban renewal.  For a hundred years the Colonial Sugar Refining Company processed sugar here, distilled rum and industrial alcohol, and transformed sugar cane refuse into building material.  As Australia’s second largest industrial complex (behind BHP) CSR even had the resources, the engineers and the skills to produce fuel, and weapons, during the Second World War.

Until the 1990s Pyrmont was noisily industrial and heavily polluted. As industries moved out, the State Government resolved to redevelop the suburb as high-rise residential.  As a leading part of this program, the whole 11 hectare CSR site was bought by Lend Lease, who named it Jacksons Landing and planned a high-rise, upmarket residential complex.  Within a Master Plan of landscaped parks and gardens, they commissioned architects to renovate industrial buildings when possible, and to replace most of them with contemporary designs.

The first residents moved in during 2000.  By 2013 when all residential buildings were complete, a community of 2500 residents occupied 1400 apartments, terraces and townhouses. They enjoy common facilities (tennis courts, meeting rooms, a pool and gymnasium) and a sprinkling of commercial services.  Jacksons Landing’s industrial heritage is reflected in machinery and installations scattered through the whole complex, and recorded in this website.



November 4, 2021 News

Owing to the changed rules requiring people in meetings to be fully vaccinated, the AGM is postponed to Wednesday 9 February 2022 in the Station.

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November 5, 2021 News

From Monday 8 November, the Glasshouse pool and gym will open up again. The pool will be accessible to everyone who is fully vaccinated. The change rooms will be open again, but please observe sensible physical distancing. Please continue to shower at home before you come, or in the change-rooms, as this allows for better…

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Glasshouse will open

October 7, 2021 News

Now that the premier has updated the rules about indoor pools (as we hoped he might), we are able to open the Glasshouse pool and gym as of Monday 11 October. The new rules state: All roadmap freedoms at 70% and 80% will continue to be for fully vaccinated people only. From Monday 11 October,…

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Station opens again

October 5, 2021 News

The Community Association Executive Committee has decided to open the Station from next Monday (11 October) on condition that: Everyone must be fully vaccinated; Everyone must QR scan or sign in; The person booking is responsible for both of the above; Maximum 26 people. We are waiting for clear advice before deciding when to open…

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Doubles tennis allowed if fully vaccinated

September 22, 2021 News

There are new rules for people wanting to play doubles tennis. Go to the page to see the rules.    

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Who we are – JL residents

August 25, 2021 News

We have a new section on this website, and we need you to add your story. Jacksons Landing is not just inhabited by building managers and committee members! It is a great place to live because of the community that has developed here. Everyone is encouraged to add their story – how you came to…

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Tennis Courts – penalty for no-shows

August 20, 2021 News

Anyone who fails on 3 occasions to turn up for a booking without notifying the Resident Services Manager or security will be banned from use of the tennis court for a period of 3 months.

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Redeveloping Blackwattle Bay

July 27, 2021 News

The Department of Planning has released its plan for redeveloping Blackwattle Bay. See the plans and make a submission on the Blackwattle Bay webpage: Blackwattle Bay – See the Plans. This will be a major project including: 1550 dwellings for about 2800 residents; commercial and retail floor space to deliver 5600 jobs; towers of up…

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July 12, 2021 News

Here is a list of Pyrmont and Broadway sites with casual contacts, as of Sunday 11 July. If you were there at those times, get tested and self isolate until you get a negative result. Keep Pyrmont safe!   And you must wear a mask in all common areas – lifts, hallways, lobbies, meeting rooms,…

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July 10, 2021 News

Only 2 players per court unless used by a family (family maximum of 4). Everyone who plays must scan the QR code at security or at the tennis court. Use the hand sanitiser at the back of the entry door below the bulletin board going in and out of the courts.

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