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New and emergency information for Regatta Wharf's owners and tenants is posted here. General information is provided on the right-hand part of this page.

The next Strata Committee meeting will be held at 6.30pm, Thursday 17 August, in The Station. Apart from routine matters, this meeting will address the new and amended by-laws to be proposed to the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting is Monday 11 September.

Before electing a new Strata Committee, the AGM will debate proposed new and amended by-laws.

Strata Legislation requires this review, and suggests modifications to existing by-laws.

The Strata Committee will circulate proposals in good time for discussion.


Useful contacts:

Strata Manager: Helen Wells, 02 8586 7822

Resident Services Manager: Agi Zielinska, 02 8565 9400

Building Manager: Ricky Risal, 02 8565 9400

Security: 02 8565 9494,

Havencab cleaning service:


Members of your Strata Committee are:

  • Donald Denoon (Chair)
  • Philip West (Secretary)
  • Brian England (Treasurer)
  • Ian MacDonald (Liaison with House Committee)
  • Jane Kentmann
  • John Curotta
  • Allan Davis
  • David Parnell
  • John Reed

Please address correspondence to

Gutter Politics

Christian Young’s Holistic Building Company has completed the replacement of our guttering. The project took longer than we expected, partly because hot weather – and wet weather – slowed progress; partly because a sub-contractor defaulted; but mainly because the removal of gutters and downpipes revealed defects which had been invisible. (It is now much too late to seek redress.)

We have great confidence in Holistic’s work: they were straightforward in their dealings and, with the help of drones, we also have dramatic film of water flowing properly through the gutters (for the first time, in some cases)! Throughout this epic, John Reed was the tireless and meticulous communicator between the contractor, the project manager and the Strata Committee.

Repairs are now under way, to remedy defects exposed during this project.

By-law review, revision and adoption

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday evening, 11 September.  This is later than the original schedule, because revisions are quite complex, and we have invited Amanda Farmer of Lawyers Chambers – the leading authority in NSW – to attend and help us to understand the issues.

Draft by-laws and proposals will be circulated to owners shortly after the next Strata Committee meeting (17 August) which will be devoted to these issues.  Many are procedural (changing Executive Committee to Strata Committee for example), some tidy up the existing by-laws, and a few will require debate (for example, smoking, and short-term lets). We will circulate a guide in good time for owners to consider.

Information through the Strata Manager’s Portal

Owners can now access information about their levies, Strata Committee agendas and minutes on the Regatta Wharf online portal.

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