Regatta Wharf

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New information for Regatta Wharf's owners and tenants is posted here.  General information is provided on the right-hand part of this page.

The building manager is Lawrence Huang (

The manager of the Havencab cleaning service is Michal Valovic (

The strata manager at Dynamic Property Services is Derek McKinstry (

and the members of your Executive Committee are:

  • Donald Denoon (Chair)
  • Philip West (Secretary)
  • Brian England (Treasurer)
  • Ian MacDonald (Liaison with House Committee)
  • Richard Christian
  • John Curotta
  • Allan Davis
  • David Parnell
  • John Reed

Please address correspondence to


Regatta Wharf 5km Speed Limit

We would like to remind residents that there is a 5km speed limit, which applies to all vehicles driving within Regatta Wharf.

This speed limit applies to the driveway area, entry and exit ramps to and from the car park and all sections of the underground car park.

  • A 5km speed limit is basically a walking pace.
  • The speed limit is in place to maximise pedestrian and vehicle safety, especially at the entry/exit ramps.
  • Driving within this limit will also substantially reduce noise levels, especially when crossing the metal grates on the ramps to and from the car park.

Thank you for your co-operation.

 How not to find yourself in the dark

As part of the ongoing work on energy savings, the car park lighting is now sensor-operated. This has achieved significant annual savings.

To ensure you are never totally in the dark, some ambient lighting is on 24/7. Should you be in the car park long enough for the lights to go out, you may need to move a small distance to reactivate the sensors, which are installed on the driveways and in the lift foyers entrances, with two additional sensors installed in the middle of the car park driveways on P1 and P2, and an additional sensor each in the Visitors Car park and Eventide level 1. We suggest you check out the closest sensor to your car space. Your feedback is welcome and helpful in any fine-tuning of the lighting.