Summary of by-laws

The following is a summary of the by-laws and amendments filed with the Reflections strata plan and the dates they were passed:  
Dealing no Meeting date Bylaw no Description
E484360 9 May 2002, registered 21 Oct 2002 N/a Registration of strata plan and its by-laws
N/a N/a N/a Architectural standards
94080286 24 Oct 2002 Amend 13.5 Delete exclusiveInsert inclusive instead
AB426976 24 Nov 2003 Special 1Special 2 Installation of Cassette Folding Awning – Lot 29Exclusive Use – Lot 29
AB426977 23 Nov 2004  Special 3  Special 4 Special 5 Moving Furniture and other items across Common PropertyAdditional Security System Visitors Car Park & Car Wash Security Bollards
AC413699 31 May 2006 Special 6 Moving Furniture & other items through Common Property
AD914066 1 Apr 2008 Special 7 Compliance with use & occupancy
AG258969 6 Dec 2010 Special 8Special 9 Works Lot 8Floor coverings
AH164374 16 Dec 2011 Special 10Special 11 Short term accommodationBalcony works
AH859141 18 Jun 2013 Amend special 11 Balcony works
AI161925 22 Oct 2013 Amend special 9Special 12 Special 13 Floor coveringBi fold doors Bicycle/kayak racks


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