Executive Committee

Elected at the last AGM, the Executive Committee Members for 2016/2017 are:

  • Colin Knowles (Chairperson)
  • Darren Gardner
  • Harry Haralambides
  • Derek Hilliard (Treasurer)
  • John Hughes
  • Anthony Ling
  • Edmond Ong
  • Alex Ostermayer (Secretary)
  • Brian Stanners


EC members freely give of their time to ensure that the property is managed in the best interest of all of the owners.

You can email the executive committee here.

The sub-committees are as follows:

Building Sub-Committee:
Colin Knowles (Convenor), John Hughes, Brian Stanners, Darren Gardner and Alex Ostermayer.

Treasury Sub-Committee:
Derek Hilliard (Convenor), Edmond Ong, and Sally Collier.

In-House Sub-Committee:
Regina Knowles (Convenor), Brian Stanners, Colin Knowles and Patrick Moult.