Executive Committee

Elected at the last AGM, the Executive Committee Members for 2016/2017 are:

  • Colin Knowles (Chairperson)
  • Darren Gardner
  • Harry Haralambides
  • Derek Hilliard (Treasurer)
  • John Hughes
  • Anthony Ling
  • Edmond Ong
  • Alex Ostermayer (Secretary)
  • Brian Stanners


EC members freely give of their time to ensure that the property is managed in the best interest of all of the owners.

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The sub-committees are as follows:

Building Sub-Committee:
Colin Knowles (Convenor), John Hughes, Brian Stanners, Darren Gardner and Alex Ostermayer.

Treasury Sub-Committee:
Derek Hilliard (Convenor), Edmond Ong, and Sally Collier.

In-House Sub-Committee:
Regina Knowles (Convenor), Brian Stanners, Colin Knowles and Patrick Moult.