Glasshouse Pool

The Glasshouse Pool is situated next to The Station on Bowman Street. It is a glass-walled, light-filled structure with an outlook towards the Anzac Bridge and Blackwattle Bay, containing a 20 metre straight-edge heated pool marked with 5 lanes. Steps descend to change and locker rooms, with another set of steps ascending to the gym (see Glasshouse Gym). There is a disabled toilet and shower at pool level, with an exterior shower for use before entering the pool.

Click here to download a copy of the Glasshouse pool rules.


  1. These rules are made pursuant to the Community Management Statement DP 270215.
  2. Pool hours 5 am – 11 pm Monday to Sunday.
  3. You must shower before entering the pool.
  4. External doors must be closed on leaving the pool area.
  5. Visitors must be accompanied by a resident, with no more than two visitors per resident permitted to use the pool at any one time.
  6. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18+ years). The presence of unsupervised children should be reported to Security.
  7. Pool users are to be considerate of other users and residents at all times and must not:
  • Bring glass objects, drinking glasses, sharp objects into the pool or the surroundings.
  • Run, push, dive, dive bomb, or do anything that may be dangerous in the pool or the surroundings, including no ball games or throwing items in the pool.
  • Bring food or drink into the pool or its surroundings except with the consent of the Community Association Executive Committee.
  • Hold parties or other functions in the pool or surrounding areas except with the consent of the Community Association Executive Committee.
  • Interfere with, operate or adjust pool equipment.

8. No smoking within the facility.

9.  a.    Lanes 1 to 2 are designated for children as required.
b.    Lanes 3 to 5 are designated for lap work as required.
10. No large inflatable toys are permitted.

Persistent or serious infringement of these rules may result in access to the pool being blocked for a period of 3 months.

Access for the less mobile

The CA has installed a set of steps to facilitate disabled access to the Glasshouse pool.
There are also suitable Council facilities. A summary can be downloaded here. Transport can be arranged through the community centre. Contact Ed on 02 9298 3130.