Jacksons Landing, at the northern tip of the Pyrmont peninsula, attracts scholars and scores of students to inspect (and admire) a leading example of urban renewal.  For a hundred years the Colonial Sugar Refining Company processed sugar here, distilled rum and industrial alcohol, and transformed sugar cane refuse into building material.  As Australia’s second largest industrial complex (behind BHP) CSR even had the resources, the engineers and the skills to produce fuel, and weapons, during the Second World War.

Until the 1990s Pyrmont was noisily industrial and heavily polluted. As industries moved out, the State Government resolved to redevelop the suburb as high-rise residential.  As a leading part of this program, the whole 11 hectare CSR site was bought by Lend Lease, who named it Jacksons Landing and planned a high-rise, upmarket residential complex.  Within a Master Plan of landscaped parks and gardens, they commissioned architects to renovate industrial buildings when possible, and to replace most of them with contemporary designs.

The first residents moved in during 2000.  By 2013 when all residential buildings were complete, a community of 2500 residents occupied 1400 apartments, terraces and townhouses. They enjoy common facilities (tennis courts, meeting rooms, a pool and gymnasium) and a sprinkling of commercial services.  Jacksons Landing’s industrial heritage is reflected in machinery and installations scattered through the whole complex, and recorded in this website.


Bank Street Commercial Wharf

December 8, 2017 News

Urban Growth has responded to all the community's concerns (over 200 submissions with one in support of the proposal) with over 400 pages of documentation, and some changes to the application. The community's concerns are still largely unmet, and we are given until next Friday 15 December to make further submissions. If you are concerned…

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Christmas in Pyrmont

December 5, 2017 News

Christmas in Pyrmont has settled into a successful ritual.  Santa and Mrs Claus cheer up children who also hear the Christmas Story, play games, make cards and decorations, and inspect (fairly) wild animals.  Several thousand people stroll through the stalls, buy presents, snack on delicious food and delight in the music.  St John’s Ambulance, the…

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Dinner & Accommodation at The Star – Beverly Blanch  Lunch for 4 with Alex Greenwich at Parliament House – June Cavanagh  12 months’ family membership of Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre – Louise Shand  6 months Rise Group Exercise Classes – Kwai Yung  Bridgeclimb for 2 – Manuela Epstein  Trip for 2 on James Craig –…

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Do you want AirBnB in your building?

October 13, 2017 News

The vexed issue of short-term holiday letting (STHL) must soon be resolved.  The State Government is trying to formulate a policy, instead of leaving it to ad hoc decisions. To that end it has released Options Paper for Short Term holiday letting in NSW, a review which invites feedback.  The representatives of many stratas have expressed their anxiety…

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Tree Replacement on Bowman Street

September 7, 2017 News

Council's report and finalised Concept Design for Tree Replacement and Streetscape Improvements in Bowman Street is being presented for approval at the City’s Environment Committee scheduled for 2pm on Monday  11 September.  The report and finalised Concept Design can be found in the Committees Agenda under Item 3. Due to the community’s objections, the proposed…

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Bike share

September 4, 2017 News

The dockless bike share schemes have been introduced in high-density centres around Sydney. One bikeshare company, Reddy-Go, hopes to have 6000 bikes on Sydney’s streets by the end of this year. The other, oBike, is predicting similar numbers.  Their websites says they should be left at bikeracks but they have been randomly left standing on…

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local mp makes submission on bank Street proposal

August 9, 2017 News

Local MP Alex Greenwich has made a submission on the proposal to relocate the Blackwattle Bay Marina to Bank Street, comprehensively rejecting the application. Click here to download the submission.

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Public park or private party boats?

July 16, 2017 News

This information is posted for residents of Jacksons Landing, many of whom have expressed great concern at the impact of the proposed relocation of Blackwattle Bay Marina, including noise, mess, traffic and parking, and the loss of the promised “waterfront playground to bring communities together” (Bays Precinct Transformation Plan 2015).   WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO…

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New Strata By-Laws

July 5, 2017 News

The new strata legislation requires every strata plan to review its by-laws, and decide whether to adopt any of the model by-laws circulated with the new laws. Some Strata Committees have taken legal advice. The Community Association will hold a meeting on Wednesday 19  July, 7pm at the Station, for representatives of all stratas to…

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The State Government has appointed architects to design a new fish market. To pay for this, however, the old site will be sold for high-rise apartments. One element missing from the plan is any reference to traffic management in an intersection notorious for congestion. An equally alarming omission is social infrastructure. The existing school (Ultimo…

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