Jacksons Landing, at the northern tip of the Pyrmont peninsula, attracts scholars and scores of students to inspect (and admire) a leading example of urban renewal.  For a hundred years the Colonial Sugar Refining Company processed sugar here, distilled rum and industrial alcohol, and transformed sugar cane refuse into building material.  As Australia’s second largest industrial complex (behind BHP) CSR even had the resources, the engineers and the skills to produce fuel, and weapons, during the Second World War.

Until the 1990s Pyrmont was noisily industrial and heavily polluted. As industries moved out, the State Government resolved to redevelop the suburb as high-rise residential.  As a leading part of this program, the whole 11 hectare CSR site was bought by Lend Lease, who named it Jacksons Landing and planned a high-rise, upmarket residential complex.  Within a Master Plan of landscaped parks and gardens, they commissioned architects to renovate industrial buildings when possible, and to replace most of them with contemporary designs.

The first residents moved in during 2000.  By 2013 when all residential buildings were complete, a community of 2500 residents occupied 1400 apartments, terraces and townhouses. They enjoy common facilities (tennis courts, meeting rooms, a pool and gymnasium) and a sprinkling of commercial services.  Jacksons Landing’s industrial heritage is reflected in machinery and installations scattered through the whole complex, and recorded in this website.


Help for the Hungry

June 21, 2016 News

The Uniting Harris Community Centre is running a Winter Food Drive to help members of the community in need. Winter can be extremely hard for those who don’t have the resources to meet all its demands. They especially need: Food: Long life milk Ring-pulled canned goods – stews, tuna, tuna, soup, fruit Breakfast cereal Coffee…

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June 17, 2016 News

This year’s theme is INNER CITY LIVING, with plenty of scope to capture aspects of our lives. You have lots of time to take great photos – pick up information and entry forms at the Pyrmont Community Centre. All photos will be displayed at the opening of the Pyrmont Art, Craft and Photo Exhibition on…

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Take care on Bowman Street!

May 31, 2016 News

This car left the road, sailed over the garden, narrowly missing the flagpoles and the Gatehouse, and landed in Refinery Square. Apparently the driver lost control driving down Jones Street. Pedestrians beware!

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May 27, 2016 News

The State Government plans to close the Powerhouse Museum, the principal institution of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, and sell the site to enable the construction of another residential tower in Ultimo. A new museum will be built on the site of the old David Jones carpark in Parramatta, about one hectare in…

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March 15, 2016 News

Sydney Harbour Boat Storage is applying to extend their development to include all weather cover and additional boat storage at the White Bay 6 Marine Park. For information you can contact John Arnold on 9493 9500 or jarnold@emmconsulting.com.au Residents can drop in at any time, on any day, to see what happens on the other…

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Speeding drivers booked on Bowman Street

April 12, 2016 News

There is great concern about cars speeding on Bowman Street, especially next to the park. Families with children and older people frequently cross the road here, and speeding cars put them at serious risk. Especially in wet weather, cars travelling too fast are a danger to themselves and others. More photos and comments on the…

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March 6, 2016 News

In June 2000, Lend Lease appointed its subsidiary, Jacksons Landing Estate Management, to look after the estate. That contract – intended to last 25 years – was deemed unconscionable, and renegotiated.  In its last few months JLEM’s mediocre performance deteriorated further.  When Manage Meant won the contract, they had to create a system almost from…

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Glasshouse Pool Closed

January 11, 2016 News

Pool Closed owing to safety concerns. Pending any unexpected delays the pool is estimated to be ready for swimming this coming weekend (16/01/2016). We apologise for the inconvenience in what is a busy time of the year. Danger tape and safety signs will be removed when the pool is open again for swimming.

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Community Management Statement Updated

January 4, 2016 News

The Community Management Statement contains the overarching by-laws for all the residential and commercial lots (strata plans – SPs) in Jacksons Landing. It has been revised to reflect the completion of the estate, and to amend some of the by-laws. You can download the new Community Management Statement here.

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December 4, 2015 News

Last Sunday Christmas in Pyrmont defied the forecast and relished dry and cool weather.  A great deal of careful planning and hard work throughout the year paid off handsomely.  Thanks to dozens of eager volunteers, stalls bumped in smoothly; tables and chairs (and portaloos) were swiftly in place and traffic flowed easily.  A wide range…

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