Jacksons Landing, at the northern tip of the Pyrmont peninsula, attracts scholars and scores of students to inspect (and admire) a leading example of urban renewal.  For a hundred years the Colonial Sugar Refining Company processed sugar here, distilled rum and industrial alcohol, and transformed sugar cane refuse into building material.  As Australia’s second largest industrial complex (behind BHP) CSR even had the resources, the engineers and the skills to produce fuel, and weapons, during the Second World War.

Until the 1990s Pyrmont was noisily industrial and heavily polluted. As industries moved out, the State Government resolved to redevelop the suburb as high-rise residential.  As a leading part of this program, the whole 11 hectare CSR site was bought by Lend Lease, who named it Jacksons Landing and planned a high-rise, upmarket residential complex.  Within a Master Plan of landscaped parks and gardens, they commissioned architects to renovate industrial buildings when possible, and to replace most of them with contemporary designs.

The first residents moved in during 2000.  By 2013 when all residential buildings were complete, a community of 2500 residents occupied 1400 apartments, terraces and townhouses. They enjoy common facilities (tennis courts, meeting rooms, a pool and gymnasium) and a sprinkling of commercial services.  Jacksons Landing’s industrial heritage is reflected in machinery and installations scattered through the whole complex, and recorded in this website.


Powerhouse is Going…

April 29, 2018 News

This email was sent from: Suzy Randjelovic <Suzy.Randjelovic@arts.nsw.gov.au> On Behalf Of CRT MAAS Project Mailbox Today the NSW Government announced that the Powerhouse Museum will completely relocate to stunning new premises in Parramatta and accommodate Australia’s largest and most advanced planetarium.  The new and expanded world-class Powerhouse Museum will form the centrepiece of a new arts and cultural…

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Our security contract is due for renewal, and each strata will have its own contract. Each contract will contribute to the central operations, but the process allows each strata plan to make its own decision.    The current contract has 2 parts: Shared Services- Provision of central shared services in the Gatehouse which include CCTV…

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Revising the rules of the community facilities

April 14, 2018 News

Information about Jacksons Landing community facilities, including the rules, is available here. The purpose of all community facilities is to provide recreational opportunities for Jacksons Landing residents. Priority is given to Jacksons Landing residents and, where appropriate, their guests. The Community Association Executive Committee reviews these rules from time to time. The changes in the…

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The Best of Liguria

April 2, 2018 News

Sugar Dock residents Antonio and Simone Zambarelli long dreamed of opening a restaurant where food from Antonio’s birthplace, the northern Italian region of Liguria, would be served. They realised this dream late in 2016 when they opened ReccoLab, in Rozelle. Terry Durack, well known food writer, visited the restaurant late in 2017 and wrote a…

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March 6, 2018 News

The Community Association Executive Committee heard the stories of residents requesting easier access to the Glasshouse pool, and has decided to install steps into the Play Priority area as soon as possible. This will enable many more residents to use the pool, for enjoyment as well as exercise.

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What is happening at 21 Harris Street?

February 13, 2018 News

The site is being developed by the Milligan Group, who are keen to connect with our community, and enliven this end of Harris Street. Their aim is to create a workplace with the creative feel of a contemporary warehouse. Large flexible floorplates with exposed structure, mixed mode ventilation and high ceilings are organised around an…

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Glebe Island Multi-User Facility

February 10, 2018 News

The Port Authority contracted a company to deliver this notice throughout JL. Apparently they didn't get to Sugar Dock and Silk. I have told them this, and I expect they will follow it up. There are 2 more information sessions at the Pyrmont Community Centre: Monday 12 February 6-8pm and Wednesday 14 February 11am-1pm. The…

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February 1, 2018 News

 The Glasshouse pool belongs to the whole community. Many residents find access difficult, and have asked for steps to be installed. These have been added to the pools in evolve* and Regatta Wharf, and are greatly appreciated. The CA is considering replacing the ladder nearest the front door with a set of steps. This location…

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The government will prepare a framework for regulating short term letting. Alex Greenwich  MP has created a petition to lodge in Parliament calling for strata communities to be managed democratically and not have holiday lets forced upon them. 10,000 signatures will initiate a debate with both major parties likely to speak. You can collect copies…

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Bank Street Commercial Wharf

December 8, 2017 News

Urban Growth has responded to all the community's concerns (over 200 submissions with one in support of the proposal) with over 400 pages of documentation, and some changes to the application. The community's concerns are still largely unmet, and we are given until next Friday 15 December to make further submissions. If you are concerned…

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